10626641_10154533067750541_8957222979396037048_nI spent a lot of my 20’s chasing those ‘blockbuster’ tourist attractions around the world – from the Colosseum and Berlin Wall, to the big man in Rio, the Great Barrier Reef and Machu Picchu.

It wasn’t just the big hitter tourist locations I went for, I loved a ‘local food’ challenge too. From crocodile and camel in Australia, to bull penis soup in Ecuador (chewy) and fried piranha in the Amazon, I was always game. For those intrigued by the soup, here’s the proof:1930157_47215680540_706_nI’ve even snuck in to the famous San Pedro prison in La Paz, Bolivia, to have a local whisky with the prisoners in their cells (if you’ve read Rusty Young’s Marching Powder, you’ll know what I am on about. If you haven’t read it, you should!)

I’ve been incredibly lucky (sometimes stupid) to have these experiences. But when it comes to London, the city I’ve lived in all my life, I’ve been less adventurous. That’s probably underplaying it a little…..I’ve been crap.

Now that we’ve decided to leave London and live in California, I’ve realised how much of London I’ve taken for granted.  How much I’ve not yet shared and experienced with my kids. There are so many bits that I’ve promised to ‘get around to’. I mean, what’s the rush to go inside the Tower of London? It’s been there over 900 years, it’s not going anywhere.

But now we are going somewhere! 5,495 miles away somewhere! I am in full blown panic tourist mode. We need to soak London up, see everything, eat everything, do everything, one last time before we leave for San Diego. Or until the next visit ‘home‘at least….

So over the next month or so, me, the husband and the kids are going to play London tourist. We’ve got a bucket list of things we have to do before we leave. You know, the things that REAL Londoners do! So grab a cup of rosie lee (tea for the Americans out there) and ponder our city hit list below. Have you done them all?

  1. See the Crown Jewels at The Tower of London
  2. Visit Kew Gardens
  3. Climb the City Monument’s 311 steps
  4. Try jellied eels at the famous M.Manze (hot and cold!)
  5. Take THAT photo on the Abbey Road crossing
  6. Ride a Boris Bike around London
  7. Visit Greenwich Observatory

We’d best get cracking – we’ve got some memories to make.  I’ll be letting you know how we get on soon.

London, we’re coming for you!


8 thoughts on “MY LONDON BUCKET LIST

    1. Kicking myself for not doing it in the summer! We will definitely be swinging by to steal some Z time! Considering Jj’s Dad’s influence, we should def have ticked off the Observatory already. Shame on us. X


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