We’re making progress! A family day out at the Tower of London was ticked off last month and now we have tackled the London Monument – all 311 steps of it at a bargain price of £4 each. We didn’t bring the kids – the climb would be too much with them in tow and the staircase is very narrow. Fear not, there is a place to dump your handbags at the bottom – even travelling without kids, I still can’t seem to get mine below the weight of a bowling ball!


As soon as we reached the top (panting) we felt a surge of guilt. We were rather ungrateful of the view after going up the likes of the Shard and the Heron Tower skyscraper – it just didn’t feel high enough at 49 metres when the Shard stands over a whopping 300 metres. I know, I know I have just dismissed over 330 years of history in one statement – all in favour of buildings that haven’t even met their 10th birthday!

I did enjoy telling my husband the story behind it all – about the Great Fire of London – the American is rather short on history after all (that joke never gets old). Looking around the city from the top of the Monument served as yet another reminder to me of how lucky I am to have grown up in such an iconic city… whilst the wind and rain reminded me exactly as to why we are relocating to California!

I’ve shared  a few snaps of our climb below. The husband’s part in the bucket list ends here. He has flown back to the USA to start setting up our new life in San Diego. So it’s just me and the mini mes now to finish the list off. You can find our full bucket ‘to do’ list here.


IMG_0427 IMG_0430 IMG_0448



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