With just over a week to go before we move to California, we ticked another biggie off the London bucket list – Kew Gardens.


We were unbelievably lucky weather wise – what a perfectly gorgeous cold and crisp day for it. A proper hat, scarf, gloves and hot chocolate kind of day. British perfection.

We were a little unlucky date wise however as our visit fell two days shy of all the Christmas events going live. We would have loved to have stayed aftIMG_2291er dark to see that! There’s an all new winter trail this year (5-10pm) as well as spiced cider and mulled wine for the adults and a play area for the kids including a Victorian carousel and helter skelter. And don’t forget Santa and the Elves! We did catch a glimpse of the odd tree, carol rehearsals and lights going up -it’s going to be beautiful!

Of all days to forget to wear my FitBit…we did some serious steps around the garden over the course of an afternoon. Even little Maia. There is a train option for those less keen or smaller however.

Maia’s enthusiasm came from the fact I packaged the day up as a ‘Peter Rabbit’ adventure – she ADORES the Cbeebies series. So, the Badget Sett cave became Tommy Brock’s house, the treetop walkway become Peter’s treehouse hideout from Mr Todd and the giant fish in the Princess of Wales Conservatory became the legend that is Jack Sharp. You get the picture. We even discovered Squirrel Nutkin’s camp and found Old Brown’s tall tree – ssssssh never wake a sleeping owl!

Aside from a gorgeous setting and perfect weather, our visit cemented some wonderful life long memories of Harry tottering around the English woods today -his walking (not to mention babbling) has come on tenfold – and some! Between the pair of them, I couldn’t have been prouder of my little explorers on foot today.

Here’s a few more snaps of our day – I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t been. A magical, relaxing place in the heart of West London. Just try and block out the Heathrow flight path overhead.

My littlest forest elf


Arrrrrgh  – it’s Tommy Brock’s house. Don’t wake him!
The Treetop Walkway AKA Peter Rabbit’s Secret Hideout – it’s 18 metres high giving a bird’s eye view of Kew. There is a lift for little legs – buggies can be parked below.


Normal off-peak gate admission prices for this time of year: £9 for adult £3.50 for 4-16. Under 4’s go FREE.

Christmas at Kew Prices:

Adult Price: £16 in advance, £18 on the day.

Child:4-16: £10 in advance, £12 on the day. Under 4’s go FREE.













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