Back in 2001934331_40810910540_4393_n8, I arrived in Ciudad Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador – the place known as the ‘Middle of the World” city, just outside of Quito, where you can stand (roughly) on the equatorial line.

A street party was to take place that afternoon, a mix of the local1934331_40811255540_1697_ns and tourists, but it started pouring down. Not just a light shower, a full on tropical monsoon. We assumed the street party would be cancelled, but how wrong we were. The band still got up on the soggy stage and the locals simply stood in the rain and danced their damp backsides off! My friend and I got pulled in to dance by a couple of older ladies. At first we were very British and a little hesitant, but after a few minutes, we were drenched and flailing our legs around in true Latin American style.  I remember feeling so happy that I could burst. It was euphoric. That memory and happiness is still so fresh in my mind – and every time I see the following ‘dance in the rain’ motto on canvases or on Pinterest or Instagram posts, I smile and think of that special day:

53627-dance-in-the-rain (1).jpg

This motto also helped me get through 2015. It was a pretty rough year for the Hunters – we had a fair few unexpected storms to weather, leaving us all a bit deflated and exhausted. But if I can take anything from the past year it’s this: while you can’t plan for everything, you can cope with anything. You CAN and MUST find a way to dance in the rain, even if the day, month or year didn’t start out as perfectly as you first imagined.

While it was a tough year, it was also the year I discovered how strong I was. And how brave I could be. It was the year I realised that home isn’t always where you were born – it is wherever my happy children and husband were. We’ve made some big changes this year, so we are excited to see what happens next in 2016. Bring it on, we’ll be dancing our way through it, whatever the weather!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Wishing you a joyous and healthy 2016. xxx


2 thoughts on “FAREWELL 2015!

  1. Happy New Year Marie to you and your lovely family. I love your blogs they make me smile and cry. I hope this new chapter in your life is the best. love Julie &Colin (Arnold’s of Lincoln.)xxxxxxx


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