I’ve always danced like nobody’s watching, and so when I started my blog I promised to blog like nobody’s reading!  Just to keep the honesty high and nerves low. Any comment I get is an absolute bonus and thrill for me – but today’s comment from the lovely was just lovely! She nominated me, along with a few others, for a Sunshine Blogger Award. An award to fly the flag of the blogs we enjoy reading the most! THANK YOU Kirstwrites – for both the nomination and your own great posts!

She asked each of her nominees five fun questions: here’s my answers.

How did you choose the name of your blog?

I toyed with the idea of starting a parenting blog for years, but it wasn’t until we committed to move to the USA from London last summer, that I finally plucked up enough courage to click ‘publish’ for the first time. I loved the idea of not only being able to share our family news across the pond, but also capture my transition from a ‘mum’ to a ‘mom.’ I can see a point in the future, once my feet are truly settled, where I will feel torn between the two titles, hell, the two cultures! Hence the blog name:  mumVSmom.

A national newspaper wants to print one of your blog posts – which one would you choose and why?

You know what, I’d probably say Metro. Not because I think it is the finer title, but because I spent more time with it than my own children on some days, thanks to an exhausting daily commute to work on the London Central Line. Despite the sweaty commute, getting to read a daily newspaper undistracted on the way in / way home was a luxury – something I didn’t / couldn’t make time for at home with the kids. I appreciated it’s short form – I didn’t have time for in-depth and too heavy in-between checking work emails on the train, so it ticked a lot of ‘working mum’ boxes for me. I guess, I would like to think that if my blog post did appear in the Metro, there would be a lot of other busy working parents like me already there and open to the idea of  my short, honest, ramblings about my real life.

What was the best book you read in the last 12 months?

God, this is the point where I embarrass myself and say I, a former literature student and book worm, have only managed to read around five books since the birth of my first child in 2012. Seriously appalling. Probably bad time management on my side, but in-between the kids and work, I’ve really struggled to find the time to enjoy a book. I’d try and read a few pages before bed each night, but I could barely manage a full page before dosing off. 2016 is the year I claim back my old hobbies – reading being on the top of that list. I need to remember who I am again….

Anyway I digress, I did read a single non-kid, non-work related book last year (*pathetic round of applause*). It was actually thanks to pressure from the girls at work. It was a ‘bestseller’ type that everyone on the train was reading, nothing fancy, called ‘I Let You Go.’ The twist in that book is AMAZING! I genuinely had to take a few days away from it to recover from it. I did NOT see that coming. It’s also been a long time since a book sent shivers down my spine and this one certainly did, on many occasion. I’d definitely recommend it.

Social media – a fantastic invention or the curse of the modern world?

Oh absolutely a fantastic invention! I don’t know how I would be surviving this whole move to the USA without it. I still feel so connected and present in people’s lives.  And how else would I remember anyone’s birthday and be able to spy on ex-boyfriends? Hands down, the tool itself is genius! It’s the usage of it that can be a curse. People can get obsessed, distracted, and lazy via social media. I’ve even had days where I have had to hide my phone in the bottom of my laundry basket to stop me from using it when I am at home with the kids. I don’t like them seeing me on the phone, scanning Facebook or Twitter, so I’m currently doing my best to limit that. But we’re human. And FOMO is real! At least that’s my curse.


To pass on the good feeling Kirstwrites gave me today, I’m nominating the following bloggers for an award. These are blogs that I love, follow and often make me feel incredibly inadequate as a writer. All very talented, open and inspiring. Please stop by and visit them if you haven’t already – they’re awesome!

To my nominees: there is no pressure to do anything here – you can just simply take the compliment and smile. I love your writing. But if you would like to ‘pass it on’, you just need to write up a blog post answering my questions below and then nominate your own favourite blogs to help even more people discover our great work.

My questions are:

  • Is there such a thing as ‘too honest’ in blogging? Where do you draw the line?
  • If you had just once piece of advice for a brand new blogger about to go live, what would it be?
  • Who would you want to play ‘you’ in the movie of your life, and why?
  • What’s your best joke?

If you choose to get involved, please tag me in any posts so that I can see your answers. Thanks for being my little dose of sunshine!




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