MY TOP 5: Disney Songs


Ain’t that the truth Mr Bean! 

Maia turns FOUR this Thursday, so we are Disneyland bound. I haven’t even arrived there yet and I can’t get ‘It’s a Small World’ out of my head. WITCHCRAFT!

But it’s not like Disney brainwashing is a new thing for us. Like a lot of parents, we watch and listen to Disney most weekends. Loosely translated, this means I spend most weekends in Disney karaoke mode, howling either Elsa or Ariel’s high notes with Maia, or religiously chanting the theme songs of Jake, Sofia or Doc. Catchy little buggers.

Long after the kids are fast asleep, I’ll still be humming ‘Love is an Open Door’ or ‘Mother Knows Best.’

I can’t tell you what song is number one in the charts right now, but I can tell you that Arendelle owns 8,000 salad plaaaaaaaates.

Our daily music playlist consists of Sebastian, Simba and Baloo, not only because we know it keeps the kids happy – and quiet- but because they are also freaking AWESOME! There are some tracks, that even though I’ve heard them 50 times that day, I’m still not sick of yet. There are some tracks that bring me right back to my youth. And there are others that just have that magic ‘feel good’ Disney formula.

I’ve done some (*ahem) serious parent soul searching this weekend and come up with my TOP FIVE Disney songs of all time. A controversial #1 that my husband contests.

I’m clearly ALL ABOUT THE BALLADS! What do you think? Which songs would make your top five?

  • Tarzan – You’ll be in My Heart 

I loved this long before I even saw the movie. It’s Phil Collins. Need I say more?


  • Frozen – Let it Go

I know, I know, it’s new. It’s overplayed. And it’s screechy, but I get goose bumps EVERY TIME!


  • The Little Mermaid – Part of your World

I just have such a strong, happy memory of seeing this for the first time in Holloway Road Odeon and falling in love with Eric (who btw is DEFINITELY the hottest Disney Prince, am I right?)


  • Tangled – I see the Light 

That scene with the floating lanterns. Chokes me every time. So beautiful. Plus Flynn is smoking hot too 🙂


  • Circle of Life

Of course! This has to feature in any list. That’s how you start a movie! Bam! And who out there hasn’t tried to master the first little bit:

‘Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants ingonyama bagithi Baba’ (yes, I googled that).


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One thought on “MY TOP 5: Disney Songs

  1. fantastic topic, and for the record I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t know all the words to part of your world. Of course anything Phil Collins is awesome and in his heart your husband knows that.


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