Welcome to my new post series! Each month, I’ll be sharing with you the books that me and my mini-mes are enjoying together. I’m doing this not because I think I am some sort of authority on kids’ books, but because: I like sharing the little things that make me and the kids happy I … More WHAT WE’RE READING

My Sunday Photo

My mother-in-law is amazing. She has preserved so many of my husband’s toys and clothes from the 80’s, and like her good self, they have aged so well. They are in SUCH good condition that I feel utterly ashamed when I look at Maia & Harry’s incomplete, chewed, clobbered-and-slobbered-on toys of just a few years…even … More My Sunday Photo


7th February 2016. I’m calling this one ‘The Trade’ – as moments like this were exactly what I wanted when we decided to trade England for California. Heaven.


Veggies are a real struggle in our house. It’s my fault really, as instead of persevering with rejected veg in the early years, in typical first child fashion I pandered to pickiness, irrationally fearing some sort of starvation.  So I became one of those ‘sneaky veg’ mums instead. I pureed and hid them in pasta … More NEW: VEG VICTORIES