Like Halloween, I expected Valentine’s to be an even bigger deal in the USA than it is in the UK – everything is bigger in America right?

But what I didn’t expect, and am still getting my head around, is how involved kids get in Valentine’s Day here in America. I’m not even talking about tween to teen crushes and cards, I’m talking pre-schoolers!

FullSizeRender (4)Today I spent over three hours helping Maia make cards for her pre-school classmates. And we signed them! We didn’t leave a mystery ‘love from ?’ like you do in the UK. We signed them all a blatant ‘Love Maia.’ Every single person in the class will get one. It’s the done thing. Tomorrow, we will be making even more for the teachers, while on Thursday there will be a class party – each parent has a small chore for this.

It seems Valentine’s Day in the USA becomes quite the project for parents. Everywhere you look in the shops there are kids Valentine craft kits on sale! Crack on Mum and Dad.

I do see it’s all very cute. It’s just also so very different to what I am used to.

In London I’m used to bringing home pieces of cute Cupid themed artwork from nursery for me / Daddy to hang up. In fact it was my only ‘card’ each year seeing as my husband DOESN’T do Valentine’s despite annual nagging and threats. I also know people that get their own kid/s a card. We don’t – hey, if I ain’t getting one, they ain’t getting one! But in my experience, we certainly never had to prepare a sack of cards for the whole class. There was no big Valentine’s nursery party to help organise.

Back home, I felt that Valentine’s Day was just about the couples, the secret crushes, the overpriced date nights and flowers. And for those not yet married, the smoking hot lingerie 😉 It’s all about adult time right? Especially for parents! Precious, rare adult time. I mean you can end up with kids after Valentine’s if the night goes well, but for it? What’s kids got to do with Valentine’s? It’s mum and dad’s time off! Or have I just had my head in the sand back in the UK? Or lived in the wrong part of London?paper-hug-craft

For me to now start running around making cards for school kids, teachers and grandparents… I just feel a bit cheated of my adult time. Like the occasion isn’t just mine and the husband’s to enjoy anymore. Is that selfish? Maybe.

Maia seems to be loving all the heart themed fuss and classroom party talk, so I wonder if my attitude will change over the years as I become more ‘local’. Maybe.

Until then, Bah love-bug!

Love Cupid Scrooge x






3 thoughts on “VALENTINE’S: UK VS USA

  1. it honestly never occurred to me that kids wouldn’t be in on it…growing up we always did valentines in school and it was never accompanied with any sort of lesson, just a party. I prodded my kids to do a valentine for Grandma and Grandpa as well…I think I’m part of the problem…I think the US just goes crazy with kid involvement in general and it wasn’t always this way.

    Great take and as usual great post!


    1. To be fair, when Maia come home with a whole bag of cute cards, my icy heart melted a little…. just a little! And then I remembered that I didn’t even have ONE. And got cross again 🙂


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