Becoming American…

Last night was a milestone for this Brit and her half breeds. One word: SMORES! 

It was our first time. Definitely not our last judging by the look on Maia’s face!

Thanks to our wonderful hosts, the Smiths, for helping us feel that little bit more American (and chubbier) today.

For those Brits who don’t know what a smore is: roasted marshmallows and chocolate in between two ‘graham crackers.’ The nearest thing we have to a graham cracker in the UK is probably the mighty Digestive.

Such fun to make. So sticky to eat.

FYI National Smores Day is August 10th. On it! Burp.

Next ‘Becoming American’ challenge: corn dogs? Discuss.


One thought on “Becoming American…

  1. The place to get the best corn dog is Disneyland…S’Mores are part of every proper bonfire, camping trip, and backyard bbq (if they have a fire pit). Glad your kids can experience the joy!


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