Ok, this is huge guys! After months of failed begging and bribing Maia to try and eat broccoli, we’ve finally succeeded. She actually willingly ate broccoli without complaint the other day. AND asked for more!
Introducing Baked Broccoli Tots. We call them Wizard of Oz Bites, as they turn out pretty green like the Emerald City, which Maia happens to be currently obsessed with. The no-mention name helps, trust me…

We found this recipe on the Gimmie Delicious website – we just omitted the salt. Visit the site and check out the full recipe.

Ok, so we are yet to get her to eat broccoli simply boiled or steamed – these broccoli bites are all dressed up with cheese and breadcrumbs, so very subtle in taste. But this was such a positive step in the right direction as she’s now a little less ‘anti-green’ and a little more open minded about broccoli overall.
They are such good fun to make too! Gooey fun. Maia enjoys handling the broccoli and molding the squidgy bites in to shape for the oven bake. This hands on play time with the broccoli is SO important I think, to help her further build positive associations with it.

Best of all, Harry LOVES them too – he inhales them! And so does Daddy. A full family veg victory thanks to the wonderful Wizard of Oz! And Gimmie Delicious. (*pats herself on the back and pours a mum size glass of wine*)


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