I get beyond excited when I introduce my kids to books that I enjoyed at their age! It’s like passing a paper heirloom down the line…
Our book of the month is one of my old pre-school favorites: The Avocado Baby, by John Burningham.

Who remembers this one? The story of the physically weak Hargraves family, who fear their new baby – a very picky eater – will become as weak as they are. They try all sorts of food without luck, until one day, they try an avocado. The baby LOVES it and begins to eat them every day, making him super-human strong! 

I had actually forgotten all about this story until the other week when I was trying to talk Maia in to eating an avocado. Harry loves them, but she remains skeptical of anything green.  Except kiwi fruits. She likes those.IMG_4144.jpg

So I ordered this book in the hope of convincing her that Harry was going to become strong like the little Hargraves baby, who ate nothing but avocados. And that she could too, if she ate them.

It’s a very short, funny story, so both my kids (4 and 2) are able to sit through and enjoy it from cover to cover. And then again! The illustrations are great fun, so before we even start reading pages, we spend a lot of time talking around the pictures – from fussy eating, and healthy foods, to new babies and even naughty school bullies. Some nights Maia (4) even “reads” me and Harry the full story by talking through these playful pictures.

This story brought back so many sweet memories of my pre-school days and I am thrilled my two both like it as much as I did. Maybe it’s something they will pass on to their little ones.

And maybe, just maybe, Maia will eat an avocado some day soon.



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