Bye Bye Bott Bott!

Maia is 100% a Gina Fordian. I was unashamedly a routine Queen with my firstborn . Routine was my crutch. Along with gin. Without it I was like Batman without Robin. I wanted, no NEEDED, to be spoon fed on ‘how the hell to parent!’ I wasn’t a natural mother. I’m still not.

Gina is certainly not for everybody – in fact she is a dirty word for many mums who see her strict baby routines as cold and mechanical. 

But her book, ‘The Contented Little Baby’, really worked for me. Maia was running like clockwork from 3 months old and sleeping through the night (to non mums that just means a heavenly 6am ish wake up call!). Gina was my god. Her book was my bible. We even named Maia’s first dolly Gina in homage to her!

But if Gina could see me now…….

She would be furious. See this picture. That’s Harry at two years and one month having his first NON bottle at bed time. Bye bye Bott Bott (bottle), hello milk mustache. 

In Gina’s world however, kids shouldn’t be drinking from bottles from ONE year old. I literally burned the bottle after Maia’s first birthday because Gina said so…. And now look at me, I’m a whole year late. Soz Gina.

But I guess that’s just how it goes with the second child. And beyond. Even if you are a pro-routine kind of person, when you have more than one to juggle, it’s hard / impossible to merge routines and get them all on the same track. Plus, when you are 85% (maybe 75%!) sure it’s your last ever baby, you keep them little for longer hence the Bott Bott!

So things slipped with number two Gina. I’ve got some confessions. While Maia got a bath every night at the exact SAME time, Harry got a bath whenever I could fit it in. Sometimes not at all. I certainly changed his nappy less too!

I used to bring Harry in to bed with me all the time when he was smaller (less nowadays as he is too kicky!)-I know Gina, I know… a slippery slope. 

His nap is  also when-ever-o-clock every day…..usually on the go picking up big sis. 

But you know what Gina, I’m not worried we went off schedule. You were like my driving instructor. At first I didn’t know what the hell to do. I absolutely needed you for confidence. To learn the rules and get my mummy wings. But once I ‘passed’with number one, like all experienced drivers, I developed my own cocky habits and ways of doing things. 

I definitely think I can see some long term effects of the Gina way on Maia- she is one for structure and direction in both class time and play. She likes knowing what she is doing every day. Whereas Harry so far is Mr Whatever. He is very chilled, and more of a free spirit…he doesn’t dig structured classes as much as Maia did at that age. 

But both kids, with different routine roots, are doing great. They’re both happy. They are both content. I say just do what feels right and gives you the most confidence at the time- it makes for one very contented little mama!


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Bott Bott!

  1. Wonderful post! It’s always interesting to see how the parenting changes. I wonder how much our kids just are who they are and how much comes down to how we parent. I’m sure there are studies on it…I won’t read them…just don’t let hubby talk you out of baby #3!


  2. Reblogged this on kirstwrites and commented:
    Interesting – and very brave to admit to doing Gina Ford, people who don’t like her tend to be really vitriolic about not liking her! I couldn’t stick her routines but found that if we were having baby melt downs at certain times of day, doing whatever GF said we should be doing at that time always seemed to do the trick. And her potty training book is brilliant, I swear by it!

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