The other day we were in the local park. Harry was charging on the swing bridge, followed by Maia who was bossing him around and telling him he was doing it all wrong. Standard big sister stuff.

Another ‘mom’ was there with her little guy too– he was around the same age as Harry. Our eyes met across the spiral slide, followed by a nervous smile, and before you knew it we were revealing all to each other….where we were from, what we did for a living, what our husbands did, what kind of birth we had, kid anecdotes. You name it.  And we actually had a lot in common. It was nice. Really nice.

But then I got up, packed up our gear, said farewell and left.

I didn’t get her name. I didn’t get her number. And I didn’t suggest we should meet again. I just left. I’ve done this more than once. Have you?

Some might argue it’s the British awkwardness in me that stopped me from pursuing this friendship. But it wasn’t.

The truth is, there are just some days where a mum needs a no strings quickie.

Another mum to talk to about adult things. A mum to vent to. A mum that understands that staying at home with the kids can be a lonely business some days. A mum that doesn’t mind if you only listen with one ear as the other is on alert for wailing or sibling arguments.

Yes, a quickie in the park can perk you up nicely. There is no need to take it any further. Nor take it personally. Because the truth is, you probably already have a stream of outstanding emails, texts, WhatsApp messages to friends that you feel lousy about. Am I right? Why would I try to recruit another pal if I can’t stay on top of the wonderful friends I already have…..

Some days you just need something to break up the daily routine. A smiling face. A reminder that you’ve still ‘got it’ socially despite thinking you have no chat other than kid chat these days. I’m not in networking mode right now and that’s ok. I’ve got no expectations or agenda. Not every chat needs to turn in to something. I’m not worried that she could be the ‘mom that got away.’

Nope, we don’t need to pretend it was more than what is was. We used each other. It was a one day stand. And it felt good. They always do. Maybe it will be a little awkward if we see each other again. Or maybe we will have another fun chat and this time swap names and numbers…but for now, it is no strings attached. It was just the pick me up I needed. No guilt. No offence. No regrets.


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