Going Cloth: Dry Nights Success!

At two and a half, we had Maia dry by day.  It took a little over five cheap H&M t-shirt dresses and one full week for it to just click. And we’ve not looked back since (give or take the odd ‘too busy playing so forgot’ pee accident. Standard.)

This throwback pic below was actually Maia’s rewards for day-dry success. Awwwwww. Look how little she looks!! 😍

I can’t take any real credit for all that though- it was her full time nursery that really nailed it. I was merely a supportive by-stander. (I’m dreading having to take full responsibility for Harry on the toilet front😳)

Though she mastered the days quickly, the nights have proved more of a challenge. Only this week have we bid a final farewell to night nappies (she is 4 and a half). I think it would be fair to say that she was 75% night dry by last autumn, but with the move to America from the UK planned for that October, we anticipated set backs / regression, so never pushed it.
From around March this year, once fully settled on California ground, we tried persuading her to try and go without the night time pull ups. At this point we were only seeing one wet pull up every 7-10 days, sometimes longer.

She however refused. Screamed. Cried.

Despite having a protective bed cover to offer in place, she wasn’t ready to lose the security of that nighttime pull up. So we needed a night nappy weaning plan…

Then at BabyFest 2016, I got talking to various brands about cloth diapers. I didn’t even realize how old fashioned my views were on cloth until this point. They were nothing like I thought they were. NOTHING like the stereotype. They were trendy, lightweight, flexible (so many different styles!), and affordable. Totally doable. I was sold!
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure I could do cloth from birth (newborn poop volumes and textures, PLUS cloth do NOT appeal to me), but for the tail end of the potty training stage (aka the easier bit!) it felt a great choice. You see, those disposable pull ups are so darn absorbent that Maia never FELT wet during the night. So she remained oblivious to any night time accidents until morning change time. However with cloth diapers, there was awareness. She could feel the wet as and when it happened. And it of course didn’t feel good.

And with awareness came change! Within five weeks she was completely night dry. She now simply wakes me up at 1 or 2 am to tell me she needs to pee. It’s not every night, but she knows now that the toilet option is far more comfortable than the wet cloth. Wonderful! It was such a gentle transition, still offering her the security of a padded night pant until she was ready to say farewell. Then last week we ‘forgot’ to put it on before bed. She didn’t notice. When she woke up dry in regular pants, we made a huge fuss and she was over the moon at her ‘big girl’ act. So over the moon that she hasn’t asked for the training pants back since. Hurrah!

We opted for the Flip cloth training pants. They each come with three organic cotton pads and a colourful waterproof shell (we chose purple, Maia’s favourite colour).

It’s a one size adjustable job (18mths -4years) that has poppers allowing for expansion. We only used one pad seeing as Maia was so close to the end game, but for heavier wetters, or younger toddlers, you can double up on pads. If and when there is an accident, you can simply just flip the pads during the night without having to replace the shells, and bung them in the wash. The pads are incredibly easy to place in to the shell too-  fold-able plus velcro. Not at all fiddly.

As much as Maia is chuffed with herself for not needing the night pants any more, we are totally chuffed with cloth! Without doubt I’ll be using these for Harry once we start toilet training…..which I’m totally putting off as I’ve never had to think about a penis before! We’ve already purchased the potty chair, so it’s really any day now I guess! Wish me luck! Gulp.  TIPS WELCOME BELOW! 😀


One thought on “Going Cloth: Dry Nights Success!

  1. I’m sharing this with my wife, we’re potty training our little girl right now and never considered cloth until reading this.

    On another note I loved the line, “…as I’ve never had to think about a penis before”. Too funny!


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