While schools in England are only just thinking about breaking up for the summer now, I’m already seven weeks in over here – with FIVE more to go! Longest. Break. Ever.

(If I want to make it home to London every year, I really need to look in to this teaching malarkey right? 😉)

Yes, there have been a lot of kiddie whines. Yes, I’ve flipped more than once and made heaps of mum mistakes. Yes, there have been some seriously dull moments. And yes, I’ve cliché drunk a LOT of wine to aid recovery after a long day of entertainment demands.

But THIS is the summer I know I will remember and treasure forever. This is the summer I am already nostalgic for.

You see this is both my FIRST and LAST full-time summer with the littles. Before now I was always working in the city, so the nursery did all the summer entertaining. There was no big summer break, just business as usual. The last four summers have been like any other time of the working year. I picked them up at 6pm, took them home, gave them a scrub, story and bed. Eat, sleep, repeat.

Until now.

Because I’m still not legal yet. I am currently unemployable.  STILL! I touched down eight months ago on US soil, but it’s been a total of 16 months now since we first applied for my visa. A real game of patience.

So this summer, it’s all on me. Aside from a couple of mornings at summer camps here and there, it’s Mummy Camp time.

Here’s what we have been up to so far (mostly sponsored by Pinterest, pyjamas and Dollar Tree):

Not working or having a home of our own yet, I anticipated a summer of homesickness and restlessness. But I’ve escaped both. Not because of luck, but because of perspective.  Like the song in my little scrapbook video says: ‘Home is wherever I’m with you!’ I can’t afford to waste a second of this summer wishing I was somewhere else instead. I’ll never get these lazy summer days back with my tiny M&H. I know how precious and rare they are, so I adore them. Warts and all.

Soon enough I will be back at work, with a horrifically lame amount of annual vacation days. Goodbye 25+ days of British annual leave. Sob. The kids will be back in daycare further shedding their London accents and talking about ‘Zeeee-bras.’. Double sob. But until then, I have at least five more weeks of full time summer fun, whining and wine. I’m going to carry on making simple, non-flashy home memories of a very special summer. A time when my babies were just 4 and 2 and getting their first taste of Californian summers. A time where we weren’t rushed, distracted or stressed. A time where we often just stayed in our pyjamas all day and played. A time when my kids still thought I was cool. Summer 2016 – you have my heart!




2 thoughts on “MY FIRST. AND LAST!

  1. I’m sure there is a German word for feeling nostalgic for now, but yes enjoy it! I love montage videos with music. My life looks awesome in montage form and sometimes that’s what it takes to remind me how good I actually have it. The added bonus is how JJ can see all the fun he misses out on while at work!


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