Back to Reality

The time has finally come. Tomorrow,  I am back in the office. I start working again, after a glorious 14 months off with my little guys. download

I struggled at first to adapt to stay at home mum mode – London working mum mode was so full on! But after a while, my brain reset and I found (and loved) my SAH stride.

And now I have to reprogram it all over again. Waaaaaaaah!

A big hats off to all SAH parents- it’s a FT job like no other! I wont miss the hard days. The long days. The lonely days. But oh my, how I’m going to miss being part of their daily world. Watching them absorb, learn, try or say things for the first time. Being the one to comfort them when they fall. Or listening to Maia when she has her morning poop – we have some of our best chats at poop time!

But I can’t moan. Well, I’m trying not to…as I know not every working parent gets this extra time with their littles post maternity leave. I’ve been very very lucky.

I’m reminding myself of this luck over and over again as I get five days of clothes ironed and prepped. Nursery breakfasts and lunches prepared. Our evening meals for the week set up. How on earth did I used to do this? It’s amazing how your body and mind forgets – I’m tired already just thinking about this week. I’ll be on my knees by Friday.

And then you remember. You remember how bloody strong all the working parents you know are. How they just get on with it. How they secretly wear capes under those power clothes (double capes for single parents!).

I remember my own mum who has worked since she was 15 years old. My big sister who is smashing it daily. I remember how determined I used to be. Working parents are hardcore. They are magicians – they defy the concept of time and squeeze everything in  And right now, the working mums and dads that I know are inspiring me, so thank you!

Now, all that’s left to do is wash my hair, get an early night and finally decide with my husband what nursery shift we will take. In London, I was doing both the morning drop off and evening pick up. On foot. And usually in the rain. So the thought of having to only do one – and in a CAR …no wait MINI VAN, is extra motivating right now.

So, do I want the early morning drop off? Where I have to get them dressed against the clock (urgh!), suffer hair brush screams, suncream drama, get them out the door, in to the car, and then in to nursery while carrying all the lunchboxes and breakfasts (because they’re hands are full carrying just one rock).

Or do I want them in the evenings. Shattered. Grumpy. Demanding dinner. Refusing dinner. Bath time (still my least favourite parenting chore!), story and bed time.

I ask you, what is the lesser of two parenting evils here 😉

Either way, here we goooooo! I’ve got this!



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