Too soon?

The second my fork hit the plate in defeat on Thanksgiving day, I was ready. It’s Chrriiiiiiiiiiistmas! Sod Black Friday and Cyber Monday, bring out the mince pies and ugly sweaters!

By many people’s standard (especially Americans), this is normal. But I’m not normally THAT person (though I’ll never turn down a mince pie in October. Or ever actually! YUM!)

I usually wait until at least the 1st of December to go all in, but this year I couldn’t hold ANY of it it in! A little after sunset on the day after Thanksgiving, we’d already had our first photo taken with Santa at Newport Beach’s ‘Lighting of the Bay.’  Followed by hot chocolate, mince pies and an outdoor screening of ‘The Grinch’.


The day after that we went to watch Santa arrive by parachute at the Jingle Bell Jump (Mission Marketplace, Oceanside). In typical scatty Marie mode, I Facebook ‘Lived’ the whole sky dive entry (which was so much fun!)…..but forget to actually push ‘start’. Doh! But I did get some fun shots of the kids playing in the snow pit in sunny California!

Next week it’s the Fallbrook Christmas Parade and Vista Winter Fest!

Perhaps I’m just relieved that Thanksgiving is over. They’ve been banging that drum for months now. A change of celebratory scenery is nice.

Perhaps I’m a little homesick as I approach my one year Yankee-versary and I’m looking for distractions.

Or perhaps, through some sort of osmosis, I am absorbing America’s over eagerness to celebrate anything and everything for as long, and as much, as possible.

Probably a little of all of the above has something to do with it. But the real drivers of this eager party are aged 4 and 10 months, and 2 and 7 months. It’s the first year where a) they’re both healthy (*knocks on wood*) and b) they BOTH get it- the whole Christmas thing! Both of them are giddy with Santa excitement (except when it comes to actually meeting him…Harry will still stare him down / cry ). Both are helping us put up the decorations and talking wish lists. And both will be performing a little Christmas concert at their pre-school in a week or two (prepare to be bored STIFF with gushing mummy pride posts).

Maia is a super smart one, so who knows how many more Christmases I will have where they BOTH really truly believe. Maybe two more? Three if I’m lucky, or if she hides it well….

So yeah, this year, we are going to go a bit nuts! We are going to cram as much festiveness as we can in to the next five weeks. And I’m not even a little bit sorry! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!



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