It’s seven months actually. I’m just a little late with the post. Yes, seven months since our plane touched down on US soil. And so far so good. Phew! Compared to a hectic London working life, I feel like I’m living in that chilled Jack Johnson song… you know the one: “Slowww down everyone, you’re … More SIX MONTHS IN…


The other day we were in the local park. Harry was charging on the swing bridge, followed by Maia who was bossing him around and telling him he was doing it all wrong. Standard big sister stuff. Another ‘mom’ was there with her little guy too– he was around the same age as Harry. Our … More ONE DAY STANDS

Bye Bye Bott Bott!

Maia is 100% a Gina Fordian. I was unashamedly a routine Queen with my firstborn . Routine was my crutch. Along with gin. Without it I was like Batman without Robin. I wanted, no NEEDED, to be spoon fed on ‘how the hell to parent!’ I wasn’t a natural mother. I’m still not. Gina is … More Bye Bye Bott Bott!


It took a 71 year old in shiny silver shoes and a leopard print jacket to remind me that even though I am a mum now, it’s ok to keep a piece of me ‘forever young’. Not just any 71 year old of course. It was Rod Stewart. In Vegas (which was freaking awesome!). With … More CHEERS ROD


I had to slap myself earlier in Walmart as I ran around looking for zoo themed birthday plates and napkins. They didn’t have any and I got upset. Tears and everything. Like napkins is a real problem…. You’d think I’d have a better perspective.  You see last year Harry spent his first birthday in hospital … More HARRY IS TWO!